Shengbo & Silymarin

Why can silymarin protect liver???

Silymarin is also known as "milk thistle". When its stems and leaves are cut, milk thistle will produce milky white juice, so it is named "milk thistle". The Kashmir Mountains of India and Pakistan are the birthplaces of silymarins, which are now cultivated in many parts of Europe, America and Australia. In Europe, silymarin has been used to treat liver diseases for thousands of years. The earliest records appeared in the first century (23-79 A.D.). Silymarin has always been a natural herbal medicine specially used for the treatment of liver and gallbladder diseases.

Its seeds contain new flavonoids, the main component of which is silybin SILYMARIN. Pharmacological experiments showed that silybin could protect hepatocyte membrane, improve liver function and prevent liver injury caused by various liver poisons.