Shengbo & Silymarin

Silymarin - Use

1. As medicinal materials, seed human medicine has the effects of protecting liver and gallbladder, awakening brain and strengthening brain, detoxifying and anticancer.

2. It can be used as oil seed with high oil content.

3. It can be used as a barrier. Stems and leaves have long thorns and grow fast, which can form a barrier that livestock dare not touch in 50 days.

4. For viewing. The flower head is as big as an egg, the filaments are purple, the leaves are broad, and there are white lines of water.

5. Green manure can be made. Green body grows fast, nutrient content is high, green manure rots quickly.

6. It can be used as feed. Plants can be used as feed after crushing and ammoniating, and seeds can be directly used as feed after pressing oil.

7. It can be used as a source of honey. It is a good source of honey for beekeeping, pollution-free, high yield of honey and good quality. Eighth, it can be used as vegetable in seedling stage and can be cultivated and eaten in open field in early spring.

8. The oil content of silymarin seeds is generally 28%-36%, which has high nutritional value. Eating this oil can prevent arteriosclerosis.

9. The residue after silymarin extraction contains many starches and proteins, which can be used as feed and wine.